Good Grief Camp

Good Grief Camp addresses the needs of grieving children by decreasing their sense of isolation and normalizing their experience and feelings. This camp is especially unique because of the therapeutic value of combining the healing elements of nature and the wonderful activities that provide safe outlets for the expression of their grief.

The Camp Experience

At Good Grief Camp, grief professionals and trained volunteers help children find comfort with others who have experienced similar situations. Children have an opportunity to address their feelings and memorialize their loved ones. They are provided with coping tools and resources including memories and friendships that can last a lifetime.


How Does A Grieving Child Benefit From Good Grief Camp?

Being a grieving child can be a lonely experience. Often the child feels that they are the only one who has experienced a significant loss. At a time in their life when it feels important to fit in, grief can make them feel lost and isolated. Good Grief Camp allows a grieving child to be with other children who share these feelings. It can be a relief for them to know that they are not alone.

The feelings that accompany grief can be intense and overwhelming. Good Grief Camp shows children that what they are experiencing, although painful, is perfectly normal.

Children often do not have an avenue to express their grief or to honor and remember the person they hold dear. They have the opportunity to “get their feelings out” while memorializing their loved one through a variety of fun therapeutic activities.

For More Information Please Contact:

Program Director,
Certified Grief Recovery Counselor
Phone: 406-755-6760